D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery, 4th Infantry Division

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Diablo Gun, Left SGT Pepper, Fred pulling lanyard.
aug 18 1968 always trying to cature the shell with no luckweb
Trying to catch the shell in flight yet again.
aug 18 1968 destruction ii gunweb
Destruction II Gun
aug 22 1968 awatching an airstrikeweb
Watching an airstrike. 22AUG68.
aug 22 1968 bdak to air raider napalm strikeweb
Air Raider Making a Napalm Strike, Dak To.
aug 22 1968 cthe napalm stopped the rocketsweb
Napalm Stopped the Rockets. 22AUG68.
bsep 11 1968 dak to parker and jacksonweb
Parker and Jackson, Dak To. 11SEP68.
bsep 14 1968  dak to sgt russellweb
SGT Russell, Dak To.
bsep 14 1968 dak to jackson and frenchyweb
Jackson & Frenchy,
Dak To
bsep 14 1968 dak toweb
Dak To
bsep 22 1968 dak toweb
Dak To
bsep 22 1968 diabloweb
Diablo Gun
dec 12 1968 fb3 merry christmas chuckieweb
Merry Christmas ... Chuckie, Firebase-3
fb3 christmas eve 1968web
Christmas Eve, FB-3, 1968.
jan 7 1969 fb3 section 2 againweb
Section-2, Firebase-3,

Theses photos are from Dom DiDonna, who was on the Diablo Gun from May 14,1968 to June 16,1969 with no R & R. During that period he went from ammo loader to gunner. The gun crew chose the name Diablo, but Dom was the one who painted it on the tube. In the first photo they were at FB12 and all four guns went off at the same time, raising the red dust up a few feet around the entire hill. By the way, there is a vinyl record album by country western singer Cristy Lane, who came to visit D battery and she sent everyone an autographed copy of the album. One of the photos on the front cover was taken of Diablo gun. She has recently advertized her albums and songs using that very cover. Enjoy these memories and send any suggestions for additional captions and identifications of persons and places.

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