Basking in the Glow

Ramblings that end in a tribute to my spiritual leader, my wife Tibby, followed by my hiking and personal photo archives.

There is a part of our brain that links our sensory inputs to the center where perception and awareness live. There perception of the outside world is created. If that part is damaged, we may perceive the world differently from other people. We may see the same the world you do, but perceive it differently. We may even see parts of it through our perception that do not exist in yours.

The terror of schizophrenia lies in never knowing whether you are reaching the same view of reality that others have. Never knowing whether your completely rational, totally obvious knowledge is shared by anyone else.

Have you ever been so driven to work by your fears, that you found yourself actually uncertain whether 6:00 on the clock meant early morning or evening???

Thanks to all the evangelists out there, but I chose to take my spiritual guidance directly from the source.

Infinity is everything that is. What we know is such a small subset of that enormity.

The pure spiritual connection my dogs have to the infinite, humbles me.

All I had was my job, then along came Tibby. She showed me the light of beauty in our paths through existence. She showed me a valid reason for living.

My wife Tibby, she likes mayonnaise.

You nurture me so completely, that I can't even imagine life without you. You should get the Nobel Prize for Love. You have so much love, that you glow.

Tibby is like the interference patterns stored within a hologram. She is only a small part of all there is, but her interaction has created a pattern that reflects the cosmos in her every deed.

There is a glow around Tibby that can be felt, like warm, golden sunlight, on a cold, crisp, winter day.

An attempt at free verse poetry...

*dedicated to my wife Tibby, whose every moment is true poetry.*

Family Photo Album...

Local Area Map

More than 50 years since the war and I am still surprisingly healthy and active.

Here are some Photos of My Adventures in Western North Carolina.

Sun Wall, Climbing the face of Looking Glass Rock after a quarter century absence.

John Rock 1

John Rock 2

Cove Creek Falls 2

Sam Knob Hike with Jeff Poltevec.

Sam Knob Hike with Jeff Poltevec, Petey, Word and Myself.

Sam Knob Hike with Jeff Poltevec, Rob, Dottie and Myself.

Sam Knob Hike ... Jeff, Mike, and Me.

Tennent Mountain Hike Gallery1 Gallery2 with Dennis, Jeff, the kid and me.

Jeff and I Kayaking the French Broad River.

Cedar Rock Mountain Hike Cedar Rock Mountain Hike.

Jeff, Dottie and I at Turkey Pen Gap

Jeff and I at Catawba Falls.

A day trip hike of 16 miles from Black Balsam to Cold Mountain.

Our vacation at High Top Mountain Cottages in Dillsboro, NC. Photos and Map Here.

Our visit to the old growth Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.

Visit to Raven Cliff Falls area with Jeff.

Kayaking Tanasee Creek Reservoir with Jeff.

Jog to top of Tennant Mountain and find friends and a beautiful white dog.

Poems by my friend Annie 7 Feathers.

This is the cover of her book. Below are a couple of selections from it. They are quite good and somewhere between the lines, make contact with your soul.

The next poem is from her next book, not yet finished.

Chess is one of my favorite games. This link is to images of my copy of :

"Science and the Art of Chess" by J. Monroe, B.C.L. published in New York in 1859, by Charles Scribner and dedicated to one of our finest Soldiers, Lieutenant-General Winfield Scott.

It is one of the best expositions on the game I have ever found.

War is an outward sign of mental illness in a society: it condones the sacrifice of human life for political ends.

War Should Be Used Only As A Last Resort, A Final Means Of Self Defense...

Think About It! Vote Wisely and Do Vote...

On Judgment Day You May be Questioned About Your Stand on Warfare...Inaction and Ignorance are NO Excuse... What will you have to say?

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