Spooky - AC-130 aircraft, also known as “Puff the Magic Dragon,” a reference to the sheet of flame and noise produced by the thousands of minigun tracer rounds pouring forth from the night sky directly onto the helpless enemy below. They could provide devastating firepower within dangerously close proximity to U.S. forces. Puff carried 21,000 rounds and three 7.62mm miniguns with a fast (16,000 rounds per minute) or slow (3,000 rounds per minute) rate of fire and carried 24 to 56 flares, manually thrown out the door, and some carried 20mm gatling guns that fired at 2,500 rounds per minute.

You would hear...


Suddenly The dragon's deadly breath descended in a solid red tongue of death, every fifth round a red tracer, but the rounds coming so fast that it looked like a solid line of bullets, with the explosions of the 20mm high explosive shells mixed in adding to the terror. Within seconds an area the size of a football field has been hit with a 7.62 mm bullet in every square foot and blanketed with 20 mm HE shells..


Will it never end????

Captured NVA documents warned against shooting at the Dragon. It said their weapons would be useless and it would only anger the beast. It was even terrifying to us as it came in, sometimes within yards of our own perimeter. It usually signaled the end of that particular engagement.

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