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Vietnam and Iraq War veteran John Puzzo has two new books out: K/75th Rangers, ‘The Highlanders,’ in the Viet Nam War, and, Viet Nam and Hollywood.

In the 1980’s while he was a PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut, John developed an oral history project about the Viet Nam War and the Veterans who fought in it. In 1982 he donated the material to the Connecticut Historical Society, the premier archival repository for Connecticut related scholarship since 1825. Puzzo wrote what it was like to work on such a project in an academic environment that was in many ways hostile to it. In his book on the Rangers and LRRPs, Puzzo writes about his wartime experience as a US Army Ranger in the mountain highlands of Viet Nam. Their mission – the development of battlefield intelligence and lightning, violent raids against the North Vietnamese Army, proved to be a differentiating element in the War. The Ranger and Long Range Patrol (LRRP and LRP) units that Puzzo writes about took a heavy toll on Communist soldiers who named an area of the Highlands where the Rangers fought them, "The Valley of Tears". To add depth to this riveting regimental and personal wartime history, Puzzo includes the history of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the wartime environment of the American anti-war movement, integral parts of the ‘United Front' established by Ho Chi Minh.

Quote From, ‘Vietnam and Hollywood’ “The impact Hollywood has had on shaping American opinion of the Vietnam War and the veteran cannot be downplayed. It is significant, corrosive, beyond truth, shameful, insulting, not accidental, and contributed perhaps more than any other medium to the cultural memory of the war – a contradiction in stereotypes.”
Lenin said: "For us, the cinema is the most important of the arts."

You can find more from John on his tripod site here.

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