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Robert "Arkie" Robbins on Hill467
FSB-29 a
Resupply Chopper on FSB-29 Pad
FSB-29 b
FSB-29 c
FSB-29 d
FSB-29 e
These Photos Provided By Robert Robbins, C/1/8. He was better know by the nickname "Arkie".

I was in the second platoon with Company C. I arrived in Viet Nam in September 1968 and left for the hospital in Japan on November 4. That large bunker we were standing in front of in one of the photos was later destroyed by an incoming rocket. I returned to second platoon in very early January and was with them for the rest of my tour.

I left the plaque shown above at The Wall on Memorial Day Weekend 2004. I carried it on a segment of the Run For The Wall. This photo is of most of the second platoon just before we went into the Plei Trap Valley. My good friend Arthur (Art) Marin took the picture and Lt. Callen who was killed in the valley was not in the picture. Art and I tried to count the people in this picture and believe over half of them were either killed or wounded.

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