This is a POW bracelet that I wore after returning from Vietnam. It helped increase awareness about the war and the POW issue. I do not know if Major Boggs was returned or not. I certainly hope so.

Combat Infantryman's Badge
- A medal awarded for being under fire in a combat zone. This is the medal worn on dress uniforms.

This is the Olive Drab cloth version sewn on combat fatigue uniforms.

Crossed rifles of infantry, worn on collar of dress uniforms.

Darkened crossed rifles, worn on combat fatigues.

Crossed rifles of the 1st of the 8th Infantry.

U. S. insignia worn on opposite collar from crossed rifles.

Unit crest of the 8th Infantry Regiment.

Third Army Crest I wore while serving with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Training Unit at Ft. Benning, while waiting for the Infantry Officer's Advance Course to start. The three missions of the unit are to compete and win in Inter-service, national, international and Olympic Competitions, promote the Army, and enhance combat readiness.

Second Lieutenant's "Butter Bar" rank insignia worn on dress uniforms.

First Lieutenant's rank insignia worn on dress uniforms.

Captain's rank insignia worn on dress uniforms.

Major's rank insignia worn on dress uniforms.

Olive Drab cloth Oak Leaf for Major worn on combat fatigues.

The only rank insignia I have shown are those I held while in the service.

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