Letter Home

10 DEC 1969

Dear Mom and Dad,

We are at Camp Radcliff-An Khe for a stand down (rest). We will probably be here until after New Years. Got a new Battalion Commander, LTC Mark. He is real good and very easy to work for. Delta Company might have been in bad shape when I got it, but right now it is the best in the Battalion. The morale is really high now too.

Just send ISC the money for the car and when I get home, I'll check it out. I am sending a roll of slide film home, get it developed and take good care of it, it's the only roll I have of me in the field.

Got a tentative assignment to Ft. Campbell, Ky. as a BCT Company Commander. Plan to take another R&R the last of December or the first of January.

Just checked and that sound close for the car payment, so just pay it and I can check when I get back. By the way, did you get the flash unit I sent you? Hope it works, I didn't check it before I sent it to you, because I was in a rush. I also sent some print negatives off t have slides made from them, did you get them yet? Also, those rolls of film I sent home, turned out to be not all mine, so keep the pictures and slides separated by roll if possible. That punji stake cut is healing real nice. That's the easy way to get a purple heart. Things sure are quiet around here the last few weeks.

Have they ever gotten the VW running yet?

Have to run for now,


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