Letter Home
13 SEP 1968


Dear Mom and Dad,

I had to handle a real tough situation yesterday. One of my people came to get me because someone was swimming in a puddle in front of his bunker. When I got there I found a LRP (Long Range Patrol, 4 man recon teams that go deep to find Charlie). He was drunk and shouting. He had a loaded weapon and seemed t think someone was trying to kill an imaginary friend. He had already fired several shots before I got there. I went out and he just stood there, weapon pointed at me shouting. I tried to get him to give me the weapon, but he was to mixed up to trust anyone. Someone popped a smoke grenade on the chopper pad and when he turned to look, I grabbed his weapon. After I unloaded his weapon, he drew his knife and I had to knock him out. The MP's and some doctor came and took him.

I sure hope you haven't sent that package yet, cause I just thought of something else I could use real bad. Salt! The food has no salt on it and it sure would taste good. Of course it would have to be in a moisture proof container. Have to go now.


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