14 OCT 1966

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, I'm in the Army now. I got the position of squad leader, that I said I thought I would. I not only out rank all but 5 men in my platoon of 52 men, but I am also exempt from KP and detail work. Of course I have quite a few other responsibilities, that take the place of KP details, since I am responsible for the actions of the 12 men in my squad.

I will begin the 8 weeks of basic training next Monday. Since I am a squad leader, I will probably get a promotion from Private E-1 to Private E-2 at the end of basic. Then during AIT, Advanced Individual Training, I will have the chance to progress to PFC, E-3 (Private First Class). Then I am going to apply for OCS in a years time. I'll be a second lieutenant, and getting $200.00 a month instead of of $90.00.

So far I like Army life pretty good, its a lot easier than civilian life, (especially when you have some rank and it's privileges, such as no KP). Well, I think I better quit for now, since I'm supposed to be standing watch for one of my men, who is sick. (that's another thing, I don't have any watch at night).

Write soon, and I guess I won't get to come home for about 8 weeks. Probably be home sometime around Christmas.

Love, Homer

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