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16-19 OCT 1969

16 October 1969 Camp Enari

I inventoried Delta Company's property here in base camp and spoke with the company clerk. I then packed my rucksack and got a CAR-15 (AR-15 Colt). Will go forward tomorrow.

17 October 1969 An Khe

I came out with the mail truck (we ran the "Mang Yang Pass"). Got a copy of hand receipt to begin my complete property inventory. Am writing by flash light, cause trains just moved and BOQ has no lights. Surprised to se so many new faces in just a month. My new DEROS date is 15 March, 149 days and a wake up till the Ides of March.

18 October 1969 LZ Patricia

I came out to LZ Pat to see the Colonel and stayed, since my Company came here also. I am now in charge of Delta Company 1st Bn, 8th Infantry. My XO is 1LT. John Hines, 1SGT Madden is our "Top". TOC is located here with us and the usual problems of being on the same firebase with the boss. Sent second platoon to secure a tank for 1/69 armor. Had to borrow some C-rations from Capt Gold of A Company to give them. Third platoon is at K-nach as a stay behind ambush. Lt North is 20 or more klicks from help of any kind. 1st impression of Lt. Holden - plenty of potential. Top calm but efficient. Top and I are going to get along just great I think. Mortar section is project #1.

19 October 1969 LZ Pat

Expect 2cd and 3rd platoons back tomorrow with 1st on 15 minute standby. Required daily rosters of Dapsone visually verified by squad leaders and once a week rosters by platoon leaders for Chloroquine-Primaquine visual verification. Also Sunday a report of protective masks and parts needed. Daily by 0700 weapons cleanliness status report. Briefed RTO's on radio policies. Put out word about grenades double pinned, taped and in pouches. Got in beer and soda today, 56 cases...finally got my rucksack. ADC-B visited-one bunker my sector, not pleased. Corrective action being taken to prevent a recurrence.

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