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17 NOV 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just got my OER (Officer Evaluation Report), that "report card" form I was showing you before I left. Remember how I said a 1 was best, 2 normal, and 3 below normal, etc. I got all 1's this time, ranked 1st out of 4 fellow platoon leaders and 97 our of 100 fellow officers. Just about as good a report as I could get.

I also was made Company Executive Officer (XO). I am the one who holds Court Martial, does Company Administration, and acts for the Company Commander in his absence. It also counts as Command time, which looks real good come promotion time.

The last 2 or 3 XO's did real poor jobs, therefore all the Company records and paperwork is a complete mess. I keep busy all the time trying to get the Company back on it's feet paperwork wise. Right now we are missing $4,000.00 worth of equipment. They wanted me to sign for it, but I foxed them. I filled out reports of survey on all of it and charged the old XO, who lost it in the first place.

I spend most of my time running back and forth from Pleiku to Dak To (Battalion to Company) trying to get the records straight before the IG (big inspection) in February. I don't guess I'll get to the field any more except on pay day, when I go to the Company to pay. I really have it hard now, hot showers, bed and sheets, TV, Radio, movies, PX.

Well like I said I keep pretty busy though, so I better go turn in my weapons inventory.


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