Letter Home
17 SEP 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

My platoon and the newly formed 4th platoon were chosen to go to fire base 29 along with "C" Co. With our two platoons added to Charlie Company, the NVA are not dumb enough to try and take us again. If he does I've got a few surprises for him, such as claymore mines, Fou gas mines, super claymores, ......., triple concertina wire, and boo coo (lots) of CS (tear gas). We also will have a 106 recoilless rifle, a quad 50 cal machine gun, and two M-60 machine guns, plus "C" Co's weapons. I also have 50 blasting caps and 25 lbs of TNT plus even more "flex-X" and other explosives. Just let them gry to get at us if they think they can. It would be a turkey shoot.

I've got a lot of planning and orders to make before dark, so bye for now.


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