Letter Home 
18 MAR 69 
Dear Mom and Dad, 
As you have already guessed, things are really happening over here. 3/8 had a company nearly wiped out a few weeks ago. We
have had several contacts ourselves, but nothing real big. I had to shoot an NVA major. I took his identification papers
and will send them home sometime soon. Please put them up somewhere for me. He was real young for a major. That same
payday I almost got shot by a kid who went crazy and started shooting at everyone. I was walking down the road when he
opened up on me. The MP's finally got him, but he had already killed his pay officer and wounded the 1st Sergeant. That
couple of days have been my worst yet. I'm still XO, but I soon hope to get a chance at being Company Commander. If I do
get a company, I will probably extend for a while to get in as much command time as possible. I have also started a
correspondence course in Physics to get back in the track for college. The army is selecting OCS graduates, who haven't
finished college, to go to school full time with regular Army pay until they get their degree, and I hope I get selected.
I think I have a real good chance. Got the bluing and steel wool, and chow, thanks a bunch. I also got the recording:
sure was good to hear from everybody again. I have some work to get done now, so bye, 

I have since learned that the person I shot was actually a Medic.  I do not know where I got the "Major" idea, probably
from his insignia. I started this letter on the 18th, but only mailed it after the shooting, most likely on the 20th,
while back in base camp. This was not unusual, you would get the heading and a few lines, then you had to move out and
would continue it later.

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