Happy Valley, RVN

Letter Home
19 FEB 70

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well I got the S-3 Air job at Battalion. I control all air movement for the Battalion. Sure do miss all my people in Delta Company and I guess they miss me too. Almost everyone I see wishes me luck and stops by to see how I like my new job.

I hope they get some slide film into the PX soon. The Valley is in full rice harvest and really looks beautiful. I hope you didn't get a FM radio yet, cause I saw just the set for you. Also I would like to know how my financial picture looks right now.

Have the '70 Opels come out yet? If so get the dealer to set mine aside. I want a red, blue (dark), or green body with any dark color interior except red. 4 in the floor, hard top, no radio if it comes separate and of course no air conditioning, with the large engine (optional and I want it); also see if the accelerator pedal is too close to the brake like they say and if so get them to move it over some. Give them a deposit if necessary. If the 70's aren't out yet, just wait till I get home.

I only have 22 days left over here, so by for now,


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