Letter Home
1 Jan 69 
Dear Mom and Dad, 
We just had our courtesy IG inspection. They really tore the battalion up, but didn't inspect us out here at all, so I'll
just have to keep working till February and hope they will find B Company OK by then. I had to take charge of $25,000
worth of starlight scopes (top secret night vision scopes) today, plus I was carrying $30,000 payroll in my brief case,
so I was really worth robbing, but no one tried. You just wouldn't believe the duties I'm responsible for as XO. I have
about 60 of them right now. Everything from pay officer to safety officer, to supply officer, to education officer, to who
knows what next. I can say one thing about this job though; it's never got a dull minute. If I'm not charging someone for a
court martial, answering a mother's letter about her son who won't send her any money, checking into an accident, tracking
down a set of records, or running errands for the CO, I get to sit down for a while. By the way I'm sorry I haven't written
sooner, but I got stuck on a 4-day march while paying the company and couldn't get a chopper out. Hope everyone is fine back
home. I better stop and wait till later to finish, cause we're almost to Pleiku.


P.S. I'm on a CH-47 Chinook helicopter and that's why the shook up writing, hope you can read it.

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