Pleiku, RVN

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1 JUL 1969

Dear Mom and Dad,

Excuse the typewriter, but I am trying to learn to type again and I need all the practice I can get. I am doing just fine. The monsoon rains have hit in full force at last and it has rained continuously for the last four days. The fine dust that was all over the ground is now in the form of a liquid mud that manages to get all over everything and into open or closed containers. The fog is creating some problems, because we have to keep people on the bunker line on guard all day now. Other than the fact that the weather is miserable, things are going pretty well.

Don't panic when the check to the bank doesn't get there, because I am using it to buy some stereo equipment. I hope you have enough left in the bank to pay the bills until next month, if you don't, please let me know right away, so I can send some home before I spend it on equipment. I also increased your allotment $125.00 and you should be getting it any day now. Let me know when you get it the first time, so I won't worry about it.

I am enclosing some pictures that I took when I was XO of Bravo Company, just out of Polei Kleng. I found them in my rucksack when I went to turn it in. In one of them you can see how dusty it is during the dry season by the dust on my face.

I am on officer of the guard tonight, since no one else is back here right now but me. I better run now before I am late,


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