Letter Home
1 SEP 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got first Platoon. I have a real tough job ahead of me because my people are in bad habits.....they got a don t care attitude. I have basically good soldiers, no kids, so I really should be able to make an excellent fighting force out of them. Our Company as a whole is the best in the Battalion and the Brigade, the Brigade commander COL Fix admits it. Our Battalion Commander "Bullet", LTC Tombaugh also depends on us, when he needs dependability and fighting guts. "Bullet" is a real sharp CO, everyone under his command really respects him and all wear a bullet on the right rear of their steel pots so all will know. The NVA know the bullet trade mark and respect it as a tough fighting force. Our Company hasn't lost a person for well over a year, going on two. The NVA just doesn't like to tangle with B Company, cause we put up to much of a fight. He is always hitting A, C, and D Company, but never hardly ever us. The last time he saw us we gave him a sound defeat at Dak To without even getting one of us wounded.

I'll write again when I get some more time.
bye for now,


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