An Khe, RVN

Letter Home
20 DEC 1969

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well we are here in An Khe, at Camp Radcliff pulling perimeter security. The word is out that 1/8 will be here at least until after New Years. We passed the CMMI, the first unit in the Division to pass it. Our new Battalion Commander is LTC Mark. He is real easy to work for, but we haven't been in the field with him yet, so no one knows for sure what to expect.

I will be going on R&R to Australia again on the 25th of Jan to 1st Feb. I got the package and it was just what I needed. The pot is perfect, the cup too! I tried the oatmeal and it is great, just as is the hot chocolate. The cup and pot are just perfect.

Only 86 days left and I may get home a few days sooner than that. Have to go now,


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