Letter Home
21 OCT 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

It has rained for seven days straight without a stoop until today. My platoon Sergeant, my two RTO's (radio telephone operators) and I spent 8 days building our HQ bunker. It is really something, the hole for it is 15' x 12' x 4 1/2', when we finished it extends only 2 1/2' above the ground. It took nearly 4,000 sandbags to build it. It's the envy of the whole company. Wood floors, bunks, shower, closing windows, wood door, table, chairs, plenty of head room (7' high). Really something.

Things are going pretty smoothly right now, if the rain ends it should be real nice here on FSB-30. The jungle around here is just unbelievable. Bamboo 6" thick and 30' high, growing so close together you can't get through.

The "birds" stop flying soon and I have to go see about some rumor that FSB-32 is getting hit now, so I'll close for now and get this in the mail.


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