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22 SEP 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry to hear about Mrs. Cora, but I'm sure glad she won't be suffering any more. Wish I could have seen her again before she died.

I got your letter about the APO number; 96262 is the overall code, but 96265 is 4th Div and will get mail to me quicker. I got the package and sure do appreciate those things. They helped solve a lot of little problems. That map cover you sent works just fine with the plastic tape too.

Send some money to the investment people, but wait until pay day check gets there, and keep about a $150 balance in the bank at all times.

Things finally got organized here (thank goodness!!). I know you won't believe it, cause I can't hardly, but the rucksack (pack) I carried to 29 weighed over 60 lbs., not mention a bag of gear that was about 30 lbs. You should have seen me! I fell when we were unloading the chopper and had to take the rucksack off to get up. The 75 yards up that hill to the fire base 29 was almost straight up, and several people fell half or more (rucksack, weapon and all) down the hill several times, before we all got up. One guy hurt himself when he fell and coughed blood for awhile, but he's OK now. I've got some film of us, and the rucks look small, but tey are full of explosive, ammo, etc., that s why they were so heavy. I'll send the film later. The pictures were taken in Dak To, the only level ground I've seen yet. The land out here is so thick with bamboo and woods, and elephant grass, that you have to cut your way through with a machete or else you just can't get through. When I send these people out 3 to 6 miles through that stuff in a day, they really show guts in doing it. They don't have to be coaxed or watched though, they're men and good men. Even when they can't go another step, you can't help them, cause pride won't let them accept it. You just wouldn't believe it.

Got to go,


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