This letter was written on three pages of loose leaf three ring binder paper, with the "Dear Mom and Dad" all scratched through. I obviously wrote in during a class and had put it into outline format to keep the TAC's from knowing what I was doing.

23 APR 67

Dear Mom and Dad,

I. I'm in Infantry Hall again

A- I am having a real needed rest in
B- the form of an 8-hour block of instruction
C- on Platoon Tactics.

II. I am camouflaging my letter as an outline

A- because there are TAC's behind me
1. on a stand watching the class.

2. We had a night compass course last night
B- and didn't get to sleep till 1:30am.
C- As usual with these compass courses, my
group was the first finished, and we found all our stakes.

III. We are now finishing our 5th week. Next Saturday we'll be 1/4 of the way through, plus.

A- I will get paid Saturday or Monday, and
sure am glad of that. I haven't even been in the
company area long enough to pick up the
B- Money Order yet. I'm going to skip
lunch today and run get it.

II. I'm so sleepy I can't hardly stay up straight
in my chair.

A. I've had three 1st Lt's pass me so far and none of them realized I was
1. writing a letter.
2. We lost 3 candidates yesterday
through "voluntary" turn back, or
in other words they were asked

IV. to go back to another company and start
over again. A lot of the rest plan to

A. Quit in the 7th or 8th week,
about 50 of them so far.
B. I think my roommate
might even quit the
way he talks now.

V. I'm in the classroom now and I

A. started to rewrite my first letter
because of the sloppy handwriting,
but I'm just too, tired to hold a pen
straight right now.


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