Letter Home
24 AUG 1968

2 LT. Homer R. Steedly Jr.
Co. B, 1st Bn., 8th Inf
4th Inf. Div.
APO SF 96265

Dear Mom and Dad,

It takes about 10 days for my letters to reach you and about 10 days for yours to get back. I just got to my unit in the field. 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Division: The Bullet Division. It's rated right now as the best battalion in the 4th Division, probably in Viet Nam.

I'm in the Central Highlands at a place called Dak To. The action is light, and our battalion commander believes in using gunships, mortars, and artillery, when we make any contact. I really believe I got a real good unit.

The area is real dense jungle and mountains. It's the monsoon season, so we have rain all night and most of the day.

I will leave the battalion forward fire base tomorrow to go to my company. I'll be real busy, so I'll be writing notes probably instead of letters.

I'm fine, in a real good unit and busy, so bye for now. Write at the address above. I also sent $250 home to put in my account. I won't get paid again till Sept 30, so keep me posted on my bank account.



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