Letter Home
24 NOV 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I really keep busy now as XO, running back and forth from Dak To to Pleiku, keeping the company paper work in order. I have to go the 80 miles by jeep and boy si it dusty. Now that the rain has stopped there is about 2" of real fine dust all over the road.

I got awarded the Combat Infantry Badge yesterday for the action on FSB-29. I would have gotten it sooner or later any way. Some idiot hit a mine on the road yesterday. He left the convoy and passed on the dirt beside the tire ruts, whre no trucks had been over. He should have stayed in the road ruts so the other trucks could have cleared the way for him. He wasn't hurt real bad, but he sure tore up that jeep. Guess they'll never learn to use their head for "something besides a hat rack".

If you are worried about me being safe, don't! I am safer here now than you are on the road at home. We are having an IG inspection in February and its going to take a minor miracle on my part to straighten out all the Company paper work in time.

I'm also pay officer for the Company. Ever held $15,000.00 at one time? Even in MPC (Military Pay Certificates) it's sure a lot of money. Speaking of pay day, this pay day I'm going to send that film to you. Also, the car insurance is $16.00 a month to:

Interstate Securities Company
2005 South XXXXXXX Road
XXXXXXXX, Georgia 31903

Due 10 NOV 68 and every month by 10th from then till it's paid up to $160.00. Please write the checks and send them for me.

Also after you get the next pay check send some to the Investment people.

That's about all I can think of, so bye for now.


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