Letter Home 
25 AUG 68
Dear Mom and Dad, 
I'm still here at the forward fire base waiting to go to "B" company fire base.  The monsoon has kept the choppers from
flying today.  I will be a platoon leader of an Infantry Rifle Company;  my company commander is a Captain, who knows his
stuff.  The last platoon leader he had "zapped" was nearly two years ago, just before he took over and the lieutenant was
killed by his own stupidity.
Our battalion commander believes heavily in using supporting artillery, mortars, and air strikes to kill Charlie, rather
than lose his own men in a gun fight,  My company averages a small firefight about every 30 days, and I'm only one out of
4 platoons, so I won't see much action unless we hit something big.  These men were in the Tet Offensive against Dak To
and know how to fight.

I'm fine, just got a sinus problem, but as soon as I get used to the mountain air I'll be all right.
I don't know if you got my last letter, so here goes again.
I sent you a check for $250 to put in my account. I won't get paid again till last of September, so please keep me posted on my bank account. If I run too low, cover for me and I'll get some money to you ASAP (as soon as possible).
It takes about 10 days each way for mail, so do the best you can. I'll be real busy for a while, so I'll only be able to drop you notes.
We just had a rocket attack, nothing serious, they missed the perimeter by 100 yards. The concussion knocked loose plenty of dust though. I have to go now, so I'd better mail this letter.

Love, Homer

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