Letter Home
25 NOV 19699

Dear Mom and Dad,

Write the Interstate Securities Company right now! See how much I still owe and pay it off, or make a check payment of $82.62 a month until I have enough to pay it off.

I had the last allotment sent home on Nov. 1st, so I owe $82.62 a month by check beginning 1 DEC 69 until I get it paid off. When I have a large enough balance, pay it off.

I got both packages. The tablets were just what I wanted. The hot chocolate is just great, also the oatmeal. Sure is warming in the morning. I got the flash set from the Pleiku, Post Exchange, RVN.

We are in Camp Enari Base Camp for a 48 hour stand-down (rest) before we go out again. I just got a call, so I have to go.


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