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27 AUG 68
Dear Mom and Dad,
I have been on my first patrol by now and I'm just about used to the mountain terrain. We had one man slip on the patrol and he slid down the hill about 50 meters and cut his leg real deep on a rock. He's back today though. It's not bad out here except for the mud. After the rain, the mud comes up over your boots (and it rains 2 or 3 times a day).
I need some stuff, but I can't get it out here. I'm in no rush, but if you could get them for me, I sure would appreciate it.
I need a map case of strong clear plastic about 2 ft. by 10" that won't tear up when it's folded up into a small 6" x 4" size bundle and unfolded a lot of times. I also need a mirror that is pocket size and thick, such as a mirror out of a rear view mirror in a car. Some other nice to have things are: ball point pens-4, small pocket note books-6, and thin electrical tape-2 rolls.
I am almost over my cold and things aren't as bad over here as they sound. The only enemy action I've seen so far was the rockets on the battalion fire base. Out here in the company fire base all I've seen is a few lights at night and two NVA grenades and a pick they had buried.
I'll go for now. Excuse the writing, but I can't hardly see the page it's so dark.
Love, Homer

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