Letter Home
28 JAN 69
Dear Mom and Dad, 
I sure hope the time is passing as fast for you as it is over here. I am now starting on my last six months over here
already. The time sure passes quickly when you are busy; and busy is one thing I manage to stay all of the time. I just
got another Company Commander, and Capt Brennan really gave me a good OER before he left. My new CO is Capt James De Roos,
and I sure hope he will give me as good a report as Capt Brennan did. I am waiting for the pictures to get back from the
PX, but just as soon as they do I will send you some of them to let you see what I look like again. I've had them in for
over two months now, so they should be ready real soon. Why don't you just send a check for the 45 cents to the Fort
Jackson Federal Credit Union and make them happy. I was glad to hear you decided to pay that insurance off in one lump sum.
I also was glad of the news about the investment company. As you can see, I still can't type very well, but I can if I
slow down a little. By the way, I am going to send a package of souvenirs along with the pictures when they come in, so
take care of them for me and don't let anyone lose or damage them for me. You will be happy to learn that I have gained
about 30 lbs since I came over here, and it isn't fat either. The reason I don't get to write as often as I used to is
because I just don't get that much time off any more. I stay real busy, sometimes too busy, but at least that makes the
time go by a little faster. I plan to come home sometimes in June for a leave so I can spend my birthday at home. It looks
like I got out the field just in time, cause the company ran into a lot of punji stakes the other day and they had to send
about 10 of them in to the hospital for wounds, nothing serious, but rather painful just the same. There are rumors going
around that we may be going to an airmobile configuration, and if we do, it will mean a lot of traveling and about twice
as much work for me, which is just about impossible. I won't mind, because it would mean a lot of work to make the time
pass and keep me from thinking too much. I have to go for now, I will write again as soon as I can.

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