29 JAN 67

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well it's been three weeks now and I've only seen four days it hasn't rained. The training is stepping up somewhat from what it was last week. We were in the field from 4:30am everyday firing the M-14 A1 automatic rifle and the M-60 machine gun. We took the first half of the qualification test on the M-60 machine gun and I got expert. Pretty good, since the first part is usually the roughest. We also fire the M-14 A1 for qualification all day Monday; sure hope I can get expert on it too.

Next week is really going to be tough. We have to prepare for the 4th week proficiency test. I get paid Wednesday, and I sure do need it. I've got to buy some fatigues (about $18 worth) and some more long handles and socks, etc. I'll probably spend nearly half my check before the end of the day.

I'm still well, but I don't see how since I'm usually cold and wet all day long. I guess its because I'm in such good physical condition. Would you believe we ran 6 miles Thursday with an 11 lb. rifle, and a 7 lb. pack and nearly 5 lbs. of wet weather gear and rubber boots, without stopping. Well, we did!

Well bye for now, I've got some work to do.



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