2 APR 67

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well I made it through the first week of OCS and "shock day". We have some really good quality instruction here. The classes are really a break for us too. We were wakened Saturday by the screaming of Senior Candidates and shaving cream. After several trips to the shower on our stomachs and getting our bunk and rooms in general torn up, they finally left us alone. We are now full fledged OCS Candidates.

Time is about as valuable a thing as we have here. We have a really spirited company, and my platoon is about the most spirited platoon I've seen. I really got lucky in my Tactical Officer; he's my drill sergeant here in OCS. He seems to be a fair guy. He doesn't just harass us for no reason like the others, he corrects us instead.

I guess my nerves must be pretty good, cause on shock day several people got mad and lost control...

Sure do appreciate those brownies you all sent. I don't especially care what you send just so long as its edible. When you can't get to the PX at all, you aren't very particular.

We are really setting our self a good name as a class up here. We don't have any privileges up here, but now we are allowed coffee on class breaks. (something most classes don't get till the 4th week) Some of the other privileges we can get are: PX and Post Pass, food in rooms and at PX, radio, regular mess, boot black, and many others.

I hope everyone is feeling well down there. We sure are going to be busy here. I got a loan and sent you some money. We'll get paid about this Thursday. About handling money; I spent $86 all together my first week, but both my roommates spent over $200 apiece. We had to buy about $40 worth of books, manuals, and desk supplies. Then I had to buy a complete new set of uniforms. My laundry bill is about $28 a month. I don't be able to send any money home this month, but I should be able to start sending some next month. I want you to put it in a bank account for me. I should be able to send about $75 to $100 a month.

I have to go now, before the CQ comes around checking to see if everyone is in bed.


PS: 22 more weeks to go!

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