2 JUL 1967

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry I haven't written, but I've been real busy again; I was platoon leader last week and was busy every second. I sure made a good impression though! I went on sick call and the doctor said I had excess scar tissue forming in the arch of my foot. He gave me some medicine and in about a week it quit bothering me.

I have only about 8 weeks left before I finally get that gold bar. Sure is a long time when you are here. I will look forward to seeing you on the 28th for blue day ceremonies. That's when we become sort of acting Lieutenants and the junior and intermediate candidates have to salute and say sir. We'll get a lot more freedom then, but we'll also be expected to be perfect examples to others, and do all sorts of extra officer duties. Then five short weeks later I'll have my gold bars pinned on in Infantry Hall. I will probably get the usual 21 days leave after graduation.

I hope everyone is doing fine at home. Sure hope daddy has no problems getting the house finished. Wish I were there to help him. Sorry to hear about that land being sold behind his back like that. I'll try next week end again to send those fatigues home. By the way, I need that key I sent you back, cause I think it will fit the lock on my duffel bag, and I lost the other key. One of my other keys fit it, and that's the only one I haven't tried.

I have some three rolls of color film and an old $7.95 camera I'll send with it. I also have a mass of clothes hangers in the AWOL bag I'm sending. I'll send it by bus and leave my phone number on the ticket and call you when I do send it.

The lights have been off and I've been using a flash light, but the power's on so I have to stop for now and spit shine our floor while we can see.


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