Letter Home
4 SEP 68
This was scribbled at the top of the page, with scratches from attempting to get ink to flow from the ballpoint pen.

darned pen stopped writing
Dear Mom and Dad,
We were moved by helicopter back to the battalion fire base and are now pulling perimeter security. Yesterday my platoon was told to get loaded on choppers ready for a combat assault to help a company that was in trouble. In 15 minutes my men had all gear and weapons and were on their assigned copters. That's really fast for 39 men. Then we sat in full field gear ready to go all day, w/o chow. About 2000 we were released. We rearranged the company and formed 4 platoons of 30 men each. I have first platoon still. I also got some real praise on that alert move yesterday. We had some action north of us and they got 10 NVA and they captured 8 of their weapons (AK-47's).
There are rumors that we are going to move out soon to the AO (boonies, woods, hills, etc) I haven't received any mail yet. I'm sending you a photo of my bunker in base camp. Next time I'll show you all my gear too.
Have to go now, hope one of your letters gets here soon. Love, Homer

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