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5 NOV 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got the 6 cent letter a day earlier than usual! Sent on 31 OCT; got on 4 NOV. I finally got finance straightened out and next payday I should get my full $500.00 pay check.

I guess things are still pretty normal here. I think I'm going to be made XO (Executive Officer) pretty soon. That will be nice, no field, except payday and only paper work.

The company is moving again. Today we go to Dak To to spend the night. Tomorrow we have a 12 kilo hike on a BDA (bomb damage assessment) mission North of FSB-29, then half of "B" Co. goes to 29 and me and the other half goes to FSB-32. 29 has had incoming every day and night for almost a week and from 32 we'll be able to see 32 getting hit.

(should have said 29 getting hit...must have been really exhausted)

Capt. Morris, "C" Company CO, a good friend from my stay on 29, has had two direct 82mm mortar hits on his CP bunker. The first cut his forehead and the second hit his leg. Capt. Morris is on his second tour here and leaves DEC 9!

Gotta run.


P.S. We went on a cordon and search of a village about 9 kilometers from the firebase. The entire Company left at 0200 that night and surrounded the entire village of 350 people. We went through some stuff where we had to get down and crawl to keep from slipping or just to get through. You wouldn't believe how dark it can get under jungle canopy at night.

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