Letter Home
6 FEB 1970

Dear Mom and Dad,

Things sure seem to run bad for some people, I left Delta Company and just two hours later the new CO forgot to send in a location and got 10 people wounded by friendly mortar rounds. Sure hated to hear about that, but there isn't anything that I can do about it now. I just wonder if it would have happened if I had been there. I don't think so, since that was one of my pet peeves. I was always reminding them to send in present locations to battalion when they were moving.

I don't guess I'll get in any time soon, since I stay pretty busy out here now. I probably will stay in the TOC most of the hours of the day now, until I go in to clear when I DEROS. I sent home a money order for $600.00 and I would like to know if you got it yet. I would also like to know what my bank account looks like now.

I am going to apply for a grant to take my last two years of school when I get back to the states and everyone here so far seems to think I will be able to do it. I will probably make a run up to Washington, D.C., when I get home and check on it in person. I am going to fill out the paper work over here any way.

I have the 0200 to 0400 shift tonight and I am getting sleepy and just a little tired of typing, so please excuse the mistakes. I typed, so I could get this letter finished in a hurry.

Well it's Lunar New Year, called Tet and we haven't been overrun yet, so I guess we sill make it after all.

bye for now, my typing is getting ridiculous,

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