Letter Home 
6 MAR 69 
Dear Mom and Dad, 
I am still doing just fine. It has rained twice this month already, so I guess the monsoon must be on it's way at last. I
don't know whether I'll be glad to see the dust stop, or mad at the mud. At least it should cool off some with the rain.
"Brave" Company is around "TOC" as perimeter guards again (real easy duty). I might be home before June.
I hope so, because I want to use my scuba tanks some more. I will send off a new tape sometime real soon I hope. I sure did
enjoy that last one from everyone. I really enjoyed hearing my ballads at the end of it. I have a chance to buy an $85.00
slide projector over here for $40.00, but I don't have any place to keep it, so I am going to send it home and start taking
slides from now on. Slides look so much better than pictures, and they are more fun to watch. This guy has had it for 6
months, and has to go to the field, so he wants to sell it. It looks brand new, even has the original box and packing. I am
also sending another letter with this one that has some pictures and a diagram in it. Have someone build this box for me
and sent it to me as soon as you can, cause I really need it with the rain here now. If I don't have enough cash left to
pay for it, write me and I'll send some. I could sure use it right about now; to keep my personal gear clean and dry, when
I have to go to the field on payday.  If you don't have time to make it at home, pay someone to make it, you'll have to buy
the materials anyhow.  Gotta run, 


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