An Khe

Letter Home

7 NOV 1969

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am fine, but busy beyond belief. I sent two sets of money orders home: all together about $460.00.

I also increased my bond to $50.00 as of next month. The people at ISC should receive my last allotment check about the first of the year, so around the 1st of the year write them for a final payoff statement and pay it off in full.

The weather has turned just terrible, rain and wind all day and all night every day and night. Really miserable living out here in the field; mud on everything. Freeze at night and sweat all day or get soaked with rain.

By the way get me some instant chocolate made up and send it over. Take instant powdered milk and hot chocolate powder and mix in correct proportions, then put in a plastic (unbreakable) container. It sure would be nice on a cold morning. By the way, if you see a small 3" or 4" Teflon pot, send it too. (cup size)

I ear all the time out here, so I just might gain some weight. But I walk most of it off, so I doubt it. I'll sure be glad to get back home to level ground. These mountains are really bad when they are muddy and wet.

Have to run,


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