LZ Hard Times

Letter Home
9 JAN 70

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well we were shipped out on real short notice-one minute we were relaxing, 10 minutes later we were in a fire fight 42 kilo's away. We got two dinks in a bunker complex. Things are fairly quiet now. That oatmeal sure tastes good first thing in the morning, especially the kind with fruit in it. Please send some more of it. The hot chocolate is real nice too. By the way, is it too late to dig sassafras tea? Sure could use some of that too. My pan is really getting a work out. I don't guess I'll get to go on R&R after all. I hate to leave my Company , when they are in the field. Besides I only have 66 days left anyway. Expect a bird real soon, so I better quit and get this letter on it.


I hate that I referred to the brave North Vietnamese soldiers as "Dinks", but that is how our training led us to think of them.

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