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9 NOV 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

Answer-I got the money order, thanks.

I got the cake, it sure was good. I almost had to fight for it. Seriously every time you send me something everyone goes wild over your cooking. I told them it was a combination of "German genius" and that "Southern touch".

I also want you to send some money to that investment company and check with Fort Jackson Federal Credit Union to see if I'm straight with them.

Say what's my bank account look like?

Our company is moving somewhere soon, that should ruin all my work and cause me to have to start all over again, this time with only a month to straighten it out and make up all the lost equipment.

Saw my second soldier get killed last week. His jeep hit a mine. Sure glad I'm not out there any more.

I'm sorry about not writing like I used to, but I just don't get a chance very often. I work all day usually and it's dark at night unless we get the generator left on, which is seldom.

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