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9 SEP 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm still here in battalion base camp; my platoon is pulling perimeter security. It stopped raining yesterday, but the mud is still pretty bad. My platoon is on 15 minute alert today. They have a chopper down about 15K North of us and the 1st of the 2cd Cav is going to go get the pilots out. They can only get one bird on the ground at a time in that area with seven men on each bird. Since the NVA have three well dug in machine gun positions around the landing zone (LZ), those first seven men are really going to have it rough. If the whole 1st of the 2cd unit gets in real trouble, my platoon will go get the whole mess cleared up. This alert is worse than going in first. The last time we waited 6 hours in full gear but never left. If we do go, we have lots of problems. We still have to fight "Charlie" and we also have to watch the friendlies in the area, because they will be in bad shape and might shoot at us as well as "Charlie".

The brigade commander gave my platoon a personal "well done" on our perimeter defense system last night at his staff meeting.
I get to bed at 2400 every night and am up at 0600 so I get plenty of sleep. I'm wet all the time, but its not bad, except for the mud.
I got your first letter yesterday, sure was glad to hear from you. I'll write again real soon, I hope.



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