Military Documents Pages

This page has images of military orders and rosters from 1st of the 8th units while in Viet Nam. These are a great source for finding names and units of individuals we served with. I have blacked out the social security numbers to prevent identity thieves from using them. If you have any copies of military orders or rosters from these units in that time frame, I would like to publish them as well. Contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Military Orders I Received During My Two Tours.

C/1/8 3rd Platoon roster provided by Ken Oostenink. Probably from 1969 with CPT Gagne was as Commanding Officer.

C/1/8 roster from 2 JAN 1968

Awards orders provided by Carl Nagel from 15 DEC 1969

C/1/8 roster from May 1969

ARCOM orders for A and B Companies and Roster for A/1//8 from 1968 sent by Bruce Bennett, A/1/8.

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