This series of graphics will help you to better understand the sizes of units and the rank of their commanders.

unit sizes and commanders ranks

The site below gave a more detailed overview of the strengths and composition of the different size units discussed throughout this website:

I can't link to the site any longer, but this is most of the information that was posted there.

US Army Rifle Company TOE 7-18G ... (Table of Organization and Equipment)



Company HQ

(3 per Company)

Rifle Platoon HQ

Rifle Squad (3 per Platoon)

Weapons Squad

The E-6 SSG in the weapons squad is usually the most senior SSG in the platoon. Note that the TO&E for the Weapons Squad includes a 90-mm Recoilless Rifle (2 man team) but it was common practice for the 90mm Recoilless Rifle to be left at base camp or the NDP (troops could still carry the LAW as an anti-tank weapon) and replaced by a third M-60 MG or alternatively the 90mm RR team would hump extra ammo for the 60's (as above).


Platoon HQ

Generally the Weapons Platoon stayed at the night defensive position or firebase and gave support from that location.


Mortar Section HQ

81mm Mortar Squad - 3


Section HQ

Antitank Squad - 2

MEDICS: Nine additional E-5s (Company Aidman) with Rifle, not shown on the Battalion Medical Platoon TOE are attached to the Infantry battalion normally one per rifle platoon for field and combat operations. Likely that 1 - E-5 (Senior medical Aidman) was attached to Company HQ as the Company Senior Medic.

Forward Observers: Battalion heavy mortar (4.2") team consisting of 1 - E-5 (FO) with rifle, 1 - E-3 (RTO) with rifle and AN/PRC-25 attached to each line company.

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