This is the restored photo...Click anywhere on this image to see the scans of the original photo.

Lt. James C. Dozier is the reclining Lieutenant on the left.

I have since heard from another man in this photo, Henry Thomas Coxe, 12th man in from left in the back standing row. Edwin Coxe sent me a "Memoirs of my Days in Service" booklet and some letters home from his grandfather.

Yet another soldier in the photo identified. Edward Pittman tells me that his grandfather John L. Ayers is the 10th from the left standing in the back row. I have no photos of him and all that I know about him is that he was severely injured during the war and was crippled for the rest of his life. My grandmother told me before she died that he had lied about his age so that he could join, he was only 16. She also told me a funny story about him being promoted and about a week later demoted for leaving to come see her before he shipped out. My mother gave me a document given to my grandfather called The Accolade Of Chivalry from Columbia, it is a large drawing of a queen knighting a WWI soldier and is signed at the bottom by Woodrow Wilson. I have heard from one of my uncles that a man whose last name was Collier in this division with my grandfather helped save his life. Anyone who knows more of my grandfather's service, please contact me through this website.

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