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SP/5 Dan McCall
4th Admin Company
4th Infantry Division, Vietnam

I was a member of 4th Admin at Ft Lewis, came over in SEP 1966 and left 13 months later as a SP/5. I worked in the 4th Infantry Division, Finance Office with a LT Wesche (the finance officer). I am looking to connect with anyone who might remember me. I am especially interested in reconnecting with someone I worked with, Larry Baer.

Photo of PFC McCall taken in early 1967.

Posted 11x APR 2022

You can make contact via email to the Swamp_fox address at the bottom of this page.

Don Siemers
4th Admin Company
4th Infantry Division, RVN

I would like to reconnect and talk with anyone I served with in 1969-70 with 4th Admin, Camp Enari and Camp Radcliff.

Posted 1 JUN 2021

If you wish to make contact with Don, email swamp_fox at the address on the bottom of this webpage and I will forward it to him.

John C. Tranum
4th Admin Company

Recently found this site researching data for VA claim. I served in Vietnam, November 1967 to November 1968 during my first of two tours. When I arrived in Vietnam in November of 1967, I was fresh out of AIT as a Combat Engineer. They did not want to assign me to a combat unit because the Replacement Company/Detachment, during my in processing to the 4th Infantry Division, had lost my records. They told me they had to locate them or reconstruct them. During this search period I went to work in the 4th Admin Company, Out processing Section. The NCOIC was a SSG Haggard. I once drove a duce and a half for him to go to Nha Trang and picked up a truck load of supplies. Upon our return trip back to Camp Enari we were ambushed. Shortly after this incident, they moved me to work in the Enlisted Records Section. I remember the shows in the mess hall after dinner and there was a SP5 in the Out processing Section that played in a band. Don't remember his name except it started with an "S." In early May of 1968 I asked to work in my MOS as I was not making any rank in the 4th Admin Company. My thinking was as an engineer they would work me in the base camp. How wrong I was - I was assigned to B Company, 4th Engineer Battalion and attached at various times to 1st Battalion.,12th Infantry and 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry. As the First Sergeant of the unit told me, "you're a frontline soldier now!"

My second tour was on MACV Team 26, in Dalat, Vietnam. I was drafted in 1967 and retired in 1988 as a Sergeant Major. I now reside in Myrtle Beach, SC. I do remember that not all of the time spent by members of the 4th Admin Company was spent sitting behind a counter, desk or typewriter. I did not like the words, "Go grab your gear, we are going to take a trip!"

"Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end............."

John C. Tranum

If you want to reach John, contact me at the Swamp_fox address below.

Posted 15DEC2011

Archie Beauvais
4th Admin Company

I served with Rob Costa who posted a message on your website. We served in Camp Enari from '68-'69 and arrived the same day and our DEROS was the exact same day. As a matter of fact, Rob and his family gave me a ride to SeaTac Airport in Seattle after we processed out of Ft. Lewis upon returning from 'Nam. I enrolled at North Arizona University a week after being discharged in 1970 and then, earned a bachelor and master's degree in the education field in 1974 and 1976. I then was admitted to Harvard University where I earned a Doctor of Education degree (Ed. D) in 1982. Harvard awarded me an alumni award in 2006. I am probably one of the few Vietnam veterans to matriculate from Harvard with doctoral level credentials. I was born and raised on the Rosebud Sioux Indian reservation in South Dakota where I reside. I am the only one who grew up here from our reservation to have doctoral credentials from Harvard today. During the ignorant 60's, which I just loved, even fellow soldiers would razz me about being Native American, but that didn't matter. I gave it right back to them. Anyway, I hope Rob gets this as I knew the guys he mentioned and also served with them. I had a great time as we pulled guard duty every third night or so and went on a couple of patrols. We played a lot of touch football and we were constantly amused at the talks that MSG Harris gave us. He invariably mispronounced my surname. Rob was a good guy who often shared the "bennies" he received from home.

Dr. Archie Beauvais (Ed. D)
South Dakota

If you want to reach Archie, contact me at the Swamp_fox address below.

Posted 15DEC2011

Butch Johnson
4th Admin Company

I was a member of the 4th Admin Company, Officers Records Branch from Aug 1967 to Aug 1968. In early 1968 I played rhythm guitar in the rock & roll band that entertained the troops at the 4th Admin mess hall in the evenings when it was used as an enlisted club. Looking for anyone who remembers.

butch johnson's email

Posted 9OCT2011

SP5 Rob Costa
4th Admin Company
4th Infantry Division
Camp Enari, Vietnam


I've been searching you website. Thank you for creating it. I'm hopeful for a re-union of those guys who served with me in the Personnel Team of the 4th Admin Company between April 1968 - March 1969. I believe our CO was CPT Long and our head NCO was MSGT Leon Harris, aka, The Behoover. I left the Army in September 1969 and returned to college and graduated from Seattle University in 1972. Eventually went work for The Boeing Company and recently retired after nearly 38 years. I married in 1970 to my wife Marcia and had 2 children, Amie and Brian. Marcia and I are still married today and living in Sammamish, WA.

I have made contact with a couple of the guys who were in our unit. Lou Figone (Manteca, CA), Mike Savala, San Jose, CA (now deceased) and Pete Hilaro, Maui, Hawaii. It would be great to get more of the guys to sign in to this guest book.

Thank you,

If you want to reach Rob, contact me at the Swamp_fox address below.

Posted 21AUG2011

James H Barkley
4th Admin Company

Sir - put my email out there for anyone to see. I served with the 4th Admin Company from Jul 68-Sep 69. Since leaving VN I ran into my CO (CPT Long) & CPT Hemricks in the Pentagon (I actually worked for him). In addition I found many others to include SSG Alan E. Sadler (Supply Sergeant) who is now deceased, Sgt Bills & Sp/4 Hicks. I came home & took a job with the DC Dept of Corrections as a guard (worse than VN) & eventually took a civilian job in the Pentagon before retiring in Dec of '99. Yes, I missed 9-11 but knew many who died on that day. I thought the Pentagon was a safe place to work in comparison to prison.

barkley email

Posted 23APR2011

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