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Capt Richard Koelle
4th Bn, 42nd Artillery
5th Bn, 16th Artillery

Hello, my name is Karl Koelle. My father, Capt Richard Koelle, was killed at Bragg in 1975. I've been doing some research recently and found that he was with the HSB, 4th Bn 42nd Arty, 4th Infantry summer of 1969-early 1970, then it looks like he was with 5th Bn 16th Arty the rest of his tour. I know very little about my father's time there other than some pictures in an album. I would love to learn more about his military service.

Thanks for your service and thanks for the site.

Posted 19 APR 2015

You can contact Karl through the Swamp_Fox email address at the bottom of the page.

John Rowley
4th Battalion, 42nd Field Artillery

I was an artillery officer in the 4th Battalion of the 42nd Artillery and served most of my time as a forward observer with infantry units in the field.

I worked out of LZ's Beaver, English, Hard Times, Meade, Lewis and Pungi, in that order, during the Fall of 1969 and the Spring of 1970.

The infantry company captains I served with as their Forward Observer were Captain Chambers (West Point), Lt. Witworth (both on first tour), Captain Charlie Young (OCS - 2nd tour) and Captain Don Cinamond (OCS - 2nd or 3rd tour) who came over initially on a troop boat with a newly trained unit out of Fort Lewis. Not surprising the two OCS officers were the superior leaders. The person who trained me was Recon SGT Bob Nehring, mentioned by Russell Armstrong and Wayne Wright in their posting about C Battery 4/42nd Artillary.

The update additions of David Parrish make me think I was with 1/22nd Infantry or maybe the 1/12th Infantry when serving as an FO, before serving as XO of C Battery under Captain Larry Harbison and with Chief of Smoke SFC Alan Bahl.

After R&R in Hong Kong, I went back out as an FO (long story) I believe with Captain Cinamond.

If you remember me, please contact me through this website and send me any additional info on these photos.

Posted 19 APR 2015

You can contact John through the swamp_fox email address at the bottom of this page.

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