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Don Reinholz
1st Bn, 12th Infantry

Hello Homer Steedly.
I am looking for a man named Joe Cook who was in the 4th Div. I donít know what unit. Time frame 1967/68. We were in Basic and AIT at Ft Polk. After arriving in country were were sent to the Fourth Infantry Division. I was in the 1/12th Infantry. I saw Joe once on a hill top north west of Dak To for about 15 minutes. If you know of him or how I might be able to follow up looking for him, your help would be greatly appriecated.

Thank You Don Reinholz

Posted 14 MAY 2021

If you wish to make contact with Don, email swamp_fox at the address on the bottom of this webpage and I will forward it to him.

SGT Michael "Cuddles" Burwell
HHC, 1st Bn, 12th Infantry
4th Infantry Division, Vietnam

FEB 1969 - MAR 1970

"Cuddles", that is how I was affectionately known. I was a radio operator sent out to LZ Mile High the morning after arriving at Camp Enari on Feb 15, 1969. Spent just about all 13-1/2 months on the several LZ's in the area. Returned to Base Camp five days before DEROS. I would really like to get in touch with some of the guys I served with in the Commo Section. I have been having a lot of thoughts about them and the Nam lately. I don't have names, as we used code names and nicknames a lot. Some I remember were Hillbilly, Flash (our SOI guy), got that name because when he dropped of the SOI papers, he was gone in a flash. There was Andy Capp - one of our repairmen, Osumi - generators, and Hawaii. Served with SSG Brewer and LTC Carter before he was killed.

I did make it to the Monument Dedication a few years ago. Thank you for your time.

Having Been Led By Love Of Country,

Michael Burwell
USAR, SFC, Retired

Posted 18 APR 2021

If you wish to make contact with him, email swamp_fox at the address on the bottom of this webpage and I will forward it to Michael.

SP/4 John P. Riley
A Company, 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment
4th Inf Div from Dec67-Dec68

I was assigned to Co A, 1/12, 4th Inf Div from Dec67-Dec68 as a rifleman. Currently I'm in the process of recording some of my recollections of those years, so that possibly grandchildren and great-grandchildren might be inspired to make diaries of their own experiences.

Follow this link to see John's writings on Google Docs.


Posted 22 JAN 2020

If you wish to make contact with him, email swamp_fox at the address at the bottom of the webpage and I will forward it to John.

Paul "Richard" Conner

I am the wife of the above named soldier, Paul "Richard" Conner. I have just found your web site and can send my husband's Military information and photograph to you. He was in the 4th Infantry, Operation Swamp Fox. Richard is now deceased. I would appreciate you considering to honor him on your web site.

Shirley J. Conner

If you wish to contact Paul, send the email to me and I will forward it to him.

Al Wall

I was with D 1/8th 4th ID in late 1969 and early 1970 then transferred to C 1/12th 4th ID till Sept 1970. If anyone knows me e-mail me at:

Posted 16 NOV 2004

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