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PVT Art Hughes
1st Bn, 35th Infantry
3rd Bde, 25th Inf
4th Infantry Division, RVN
1967 -1968

I'm looking for information on William Dean Wilson, KIA 5/25/1968 on FSB-29. Dean was from Oklahoma and was assigned to Charlie Company, 1st Bn, 8th Inf, 4th Inf Div, RVN.

Dean was a good friend and I would like to find out more about his service and the details of his death.


Posted: 09 SEP 2021

If you know more details, send an email to the swamp_fox address listed at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

Richard Lysinger


Found your site at Pleiku Pals. I'm Richard Lysinger. I was with Co A. 1/35 Inf. 3rd Bde. 4th Inf Div (Cacti) "Grunt".
Very nice site and was surprised when going thru your flashbacks and reading your letters, nice by the way, that we kicked the same dirt, humped the same mountains. Arrived in country on 4-68. My company built FB 28 around 5-2-68, later was told renamed FB Rainbow. Remember writing home and saying how beautifully it was to see rainbows about every day. Then moved to build FB Dot around 6-5-68 same area, then built FB 31 around 7-7-68, then built FB Carmon around 9-11-68. Being a grunt didn't realize I'd become an expert on the shovel, do remember we got pissed off, build the base, secure the area, just to turn it over to some other company, and moved to do it all over again. In between fire bases did patrols and combat missions by Laos, Cambodian border, Dak To and Kontum area. On 9-25-68 remember that day well, and one lucky SOB got out of the field and a job back in the rear at Camp Enari pulling guard and running patrols.
If interested you can view my pictures at cacti35th.org click Photos, then click on my name Richard Lysinger. Didn't get my camera from home until I was on FB Dot.

Thanks to my wife of 39yrs for saving my letters home, and me writing on the back of most of my pictures that I remember anything. My biggest regret is the names of my brothers in combat, that have long left me. By chance that anyone recognize some one from my pics please contact me, or any comrade that wants to give a shout. All are welcome.
Again, nice site and enjoyed it, and will return now and then.

"Welcome Home"

Posted 26 JAN 2007

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