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Robert Kuhn
Bravo Company
1st Battalion 22nd Infantry
Vietnam 1971-1972

I received a nice email from Robert. He wrote a book about his military service ... "RUCKSACK GRUNT" ... use this link to see his story. https://rucksackgrunt.com/

It brought back memories of my Basic Training days long forgotten. This is a good read and I can't wait for the printed version to add to my library. When it comes out in print I will update this posting with details. Bob gave me permission to write this posting for him.

Posted 18 AUG 2020

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Dara Kiracofe Klimp

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. My brother Burley Kiracofe from Kalamazoo, Michigan was KIA April 5, 1969 during Operation Wayne Grey. He was 4th Infantry Division, Co D, 1/22.We'd like to have contact with anyone who might remember him. There are some photos and more info on the 1/22nd site: http://1-22infantry.org/

Posted 24 JAN 2005

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